Sanctum of Domination 10/10 Heroic
WoW Shadowlands
+ $0
Choose a loot system
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Personal Loot
Add 1 loot trader + $23
Add 2 loot traders + $46
Add 3 loot traders + $69


YOU GET + 65

ETA: 2-24 hours

Service Includes



Estimated Boost Time

You'll get configurable Sanctum of Domination run completed in Heroic mode. - Chance on 239-246+ ilvl items. - Your run will be completed in Personal Loot mode or X1/X2/X3 etc Loot. - 1 of 3 ilvl 239+ rewards of your choice in the Weekly great vault - Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner achievement - Chance to get Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper if you are a hunter - Some amount of Stygian Ember (New currency) - Chance to get new Soulbind Conduits - Self Play or Account Share In case Personal Loot mode you will get all the items that will drop personally to you and there is no any minimum amount of items guarantee (Before buying, check with the operator about traders) X Loot - Each +1 option guarantees one player trading you the loot he drops. You must select the amount of traders you desire. Our traders have 90-100% items slots for trade. Trader will trade you all the items that drop out to him personally, which he can trade We are obliged to grant you players that share your loot table. If you are a Mage, for example, the raid boosters can bring a Warlock as Trader as there is absolutely no difference.