X20 Mythic +15 Timed Runs (Keystone Master Season Three)
WoW Shadowlands
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+ 20%


YOU GET + 661

ETA: 4 weeks

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You will be get 5 Mythic +15 In Timer, every week for 4 resets, a total of 20 Mythics +15 In Timer will be performed. A great way to combine awesome rewards from The Great Vault (278 ilvl item) and get a mount from achievement Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Three also you get access to the equipment upgrade to 272 ILVL and Purple color rating (2500 Blizzard Mythic+ Rating) - In total x20 Mythic+ 15 In Timer clear with the experienced party. - Wastewarped Deathwalker mount - The chance to get an item 262 at the end of the dungeon. - 278 ilvl item in weekly chest. - All AVAILABLE for transferring loot, is transferred to your character - Self Play or Account Share