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17:17 03.09.21

New Site

So the moment came when we completely updated the site and added many convenient functions, but more on that later.

We started working on the site on September 28, 2017, and now we are almost 4 years old, we are very glad that many of our clients have stay with us for several years, in 4 years a lot has happened both in games and in life, we are together we go through this path, and it is not always possible to have time to do everything we want, so we help make your game a little easier and get positive emotions, even at times when it is very difficult. We have always listened to your feedback and tried to make our service only better and better, but unfortunately the functionality of the “old site” did not allow us to make everything as convenient as possible, and now we are finally glad to present you our new site.

We have added a lot of functionality to the site, but as long as the site is currently in beta testing, bugs may appear, if you notice the incorrect operation of the site, please inform you about this in your personal cabinet via "Tickets"

From the new functionality we have added:

Personal discount system - Now, depending on your purchases, your level in the discount system will grow, which will increase your personal discount (You can read more about the discount system here)

Cashback system BCoins - Now the site has a virtual currency that you can use for full or partial payment for services. Currency is charged at the rate of 3% of the paid amount and can be received for completing tasks or as a bonus in the referral system. And also you can get it as a bonus for visiting the site in your personal account (7 bonuses per month)

Tasks - This is a kind of bonus for which you will receive BCoins, tasks will be different from writing a review to buying a specific service.

Referral system (in development) - Now you can invite your friends to register on the site and try our service, and in return, as a gratitude, we will provide you with 3% BCoins of the paid amount of your friends' order.

Personal Cabinet - Now only authorized users can use the site, each user has his own personal account, which has: Discount system, active orders, tasks, order history, bonus for visiting, referral system and much more

Separately, we want to tell you that we have completely changed the model of work through the site, now a lot is happening automatically. For example, when you place an order, the system immediately starts looking for a booster for you, as soon as the booster accepts the order, you have the opportunity to communicate with it via chat on the site. Now you can directly track the status of your order through the website, and in which case you can check the details with the booster in the chat. Also, for convenience, we have added notifications so that you know when your order is completed.

You can be sure that only boosters that have been tested over the years work for us, and we provide 90% of services personally with our staff, we do not fight for the status of the lowest prices, because then the quality of our services would be much lower. For us this is the most the main thing is to provide services at comfortable prices with maximum quality.

The new site appeared only thanks to you, and the fact that for so many years you have stayed with us and continue to use our service. We will continue to develop the functionality of the site and improve the service to make it as convenient as possible.

We would be very grateful if you could give us feedback on what else is missing for your convenience.